Can't load the sketchfab page from russian IP address

(Frybrix) #1

Hello.Can’t load the sketchfab page from russian IP address. German or romanian is Ok, but when I use russian IP, the page just don’t load, same with window on artstation. It’s stopped loading around 4 days ago.
Using Chrome and OC Windows.
Thank you.

Sketchfab now doesn't work in russia without VPN
(Bart) #2

We’re aware of the situation. Apparently the Russian government has blocked over 16 Million IP adresses in an attempt to block Telegram. We’re looking in to it, but we may not be in a position to solve this for you :frowning:

(Frybrix) #3

Thank you

(Nikita Pavlienko) #4

Can’t use this site without VPN “on”, please help! Tell news about it.


Yep, it’s a known issue. Looks like we (and many other sites) have been affected by Russia’s recent ban of Amazon and Google IP addresses (we use AWS to host our site).

I’m afraid there’s not much we can do on our end.