Can't log into another account on app without deleting it and reinstalling

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Hi there.

I have a problem with the mobile IOS app where if I log into one account (my companies account for instance) I cant then log out to switch to my personally account. It will let me know log out no problem, but clicking ‘log in’ again just automatically logs me back into the same account without any options for changing to a different one.

The only way to switch accounts I have found is to completely delete the app and reinstall. At which point it lets me put the log in details again.

Is this something that can be fixed?


Does it work if you remove the Sketchfab App from your connected accounts in your profile settings?

(Nuaire) #3

That doesn’t make any difference unfortunately. You can log out no problem. As soon as you click ‘log in’ again it takes you straight to the ‘authorisation request’ page as if you have already put the log in details in already. Clicking cancel does nothing but seemingly reload the authorisation request page again and again and clicking ‘Accept’ logs you straight in with the previous account.


Hmm ok thanks.

We’re planning a big update to the mobile app in the coming weeks, so hopefully this can be a part of the fixes.