Can't rotate my 3d model much


(Paulz) #1

Hi. I'm using AutoCAD and exported my model as an fbx file (dxf and dwf were not successful and returned errors). The FBX option seemed to work. However, when I try to rotate the model to view it from different angles with that little hand cursor, nothing happens. I see it try to move but nothing really happens. It also seems to be calculating or something and delaying. I'm getting very frustrated using this.
Any suggestions?



This model has almost 20,000 unique meshes/geometries. This is a very common issue with models exported from AutoCAD and other CAD software. You can see here that every single plane is a separate geometry:

This is a really bad performance bottleneck. You should use some other software (Blender, Rhino, pretty much anything) to join or merge these parts. Here's the result:

For more details on performance, see: