Can't see If I already added a model to one of my collections

(Youfitri) #1

Hi ! I want to know if any one of you guys has this issue :Before, when I was looking for models and want to add one to one of my collections I could see if the model is already in a collection and I had the choice to remove it or to add it. Now, even if this model already exists in one of my collections I only have the option to add it.
Thank you

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Thanks for the report! I reproduced the issue and we’ll get that fixed as soon as we can.

(Youfitri) #4

Not fixed yet ! :frowning:


Indeed, sorry for the delay!

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Any news ?

(Youfitri) #7

Help :slight_smile:


Sorry for the continued delay on this! It’s being worked on now.


The issues with the “Add to collection” popup should be fixed now. Thanks for your patience!