Can't see models on Sketchfab

I use win10 and Brave browser. So I can not see any model, instead I get error message. Anyway Mozzila do not have problems with Sketchfab. Probably this is Brave browser issue, but I want to notice you about this anyway.

There’s a known issue with Brave and the fix should be included in the next release. For now, please use another browser…


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The latest version of Brave solves this issue.

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This doesn’t seem fixed for me. I can’t use Sketchfab on Brave on either my PC or my mobile phone. Same error:

3D/WebGL context error
An error occurred while rendering the model. It might not look as expected.

Then a blank viewer.

I have to fire up Chromium just to use Sketchfab. Not the end of the world, but kind of a pain.

Which version of Brave do you use? I’m on Version 1.17.73 Chromium: 87.0.4280.67 (Official Build) (x86_64) (Macos) and it works fine.

It has started working on my phone again. Still broken for me on my desktop and laptop.

Version 1.16.67 Chromium: 86.0.4240.111 (Official Build) unknown (64-bit)

If it’s working for you on 1.17.73 it might just be a matter of waiting for my Linux distro to push out that newer version.

I will wait and see.

Actually, I can get 1.17.73 from the unofficial repositories. Fixed now. Thanks for the help.

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Ah you’re on Linux? Some distros may lag a little yes.

there’s no error it just won’t work for me at all, idk if it’s a setting that i enabled/disabled, i’m on windows 10 and brave version is V1.24.85


Best follow the steps for chrome on
(brave is chromium based)