Can't See Some "Followings" On My Profile

(Leeallanwilliamson) #1

Hey All - I've recently started teaching a class in 3D modeling and am asking my students to sign up here for a free account on Sketchfab. After they sign up, I follow them. Unfortunately, I can only see about half of the recently followed accounts on my "Followings" page. It has days, so I would expect their accounts have aleady propagated the system.

Emails to support and community have gone un-answered (granted I JUST emailed community, yesterday), so any tips would be appreciated.

(Bart) #2


Our support team is based in New York and they (usually :wink: don't work during week days. So let's give them a little time to look in to this.

(Leeallanwilliamson) #3

Hi Bart,

Thanks for your reply. I assume that you meant Support usually doesnt work during weekends, which I would hope not. :slight_smile:

That said, I'm pretty sure I contacted them earlier in the week (though time and space have been a bit of a blur lately...). Where as my note to Community was indeed sent only a day or so ago. Nonetheless, my head isn't on fire, as this isn't terribly time sensitive, and I realize they have other tickets on deck. However, in the meanwhile I thought that perhaps the community might be able to lend some insight.

I'm not upset that I haven't heard back from support, I just wanted to make it clear that I have approached official channels before coming to the forum for help.

(Bart) #4

Arf! Yes :slight_smile:

Oh, I'm sorry if I misunderstood. We have a bit of catching up to do as we spent last week offsite with the entire team. We'll get this sorted out!

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No worries. I really appreciate you getting in touch!

(Bart) #6

Did this get resolved?

(Leeallanwilliamson) #7

James emailed me in reply to my support ticket, on the 12th. I sent him one of the account URLs corresponding to one of my student accounts that aren't showing up on my Followings page. I await his reply.

Thanks for checking in.


Just answered the email thread - sorry for the delay. I think it's just a temporary cache issue.

(Leeallanwilliamson) #9

Not a problem James. I just replied to your email. Thank you for investigating.