Can't sell models : payment issues on sketchfab


I’m writting on the forum because I want this issue to be known by other sketchfab sellers.

I’ve been applying to sellor account in the beginning of september, since I made a lot of uploads of my 3D scans. I didn’t sell until now.
10 days ago Ive been contacted by a european film maker that was not able to pay my model on sketchfab. We had to find a different solution for the trade.

Directly, I made a support ticket to find out what was the issue. I had the answer after 2/3 days that there was no issue with payment on my account. 4 hours afiter this answer, I had my first sketchfab sale (first of 4 months having a seller account).

Today, I have a new message from a russian user that also can’t pay my model through sketchfab !

I wonder if this is the idea of respect there is here about sellers. I think we are a lot here to make our best to deliver good work, but what if we cannot even be paid because of issues like this?

I really like sketchfab but I would like to get a working service against my work. This is supposed to be win-win, isn’t it?

I hope we will find out how to resolve this issue.

Thank you


Hi there,

thanks for this message and yes you are 100% right this should be always a win-win situation and I’m sorry you are experiencing these issues.
Sadly this happens due to Paypal issues and is independent of sketchfab.

I would recommend the following:
-Make sure to upgrade your Paypal account to a business account if it’s on personal currently.
-make sure to disconnect and link again your Paypal from your sketchfab account

Also just a heads up that sometimes there are issues on the buyer end and we’ve seen Russian buyers experiencing issues with purchasing an selling due to regulations in Russia

I hope this helps and if you have any follow up questions we are always here

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