Can't switch from private to public

Hey, Sketchfab, I can’t change from private to public.
I did ‘ON’ to ‘OFF’ dozen times to no avail
After I save, it’s still password-protected…
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The model is public and not password protected anymore for me. Do you still see the lock?

I have the same issue. I can’t make private models public. I flip the switch, hit save, and the model remains private.

I discovered the issue. You have to first clear the password and save.

i.e. To make a private, password protected model public you must:

  1. Clear password
  2. Save
  3. Switch from Private to Public
  4. Save

You must save without a password first. You can not do it all at once.


Thanks for reporting, I’m forwarding this to our web team :+1:

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