Can't update model uploaded from Substance Painter

I’m trying to update the textures for an existing model I uploaded from Substance Painter, but it doesn’t work. I get the message that it “could not upload to Sketchfab”. Apparently, accoridng to a similar question I found here dating a couple years back, the feature was removed. What happened? Is there a way I can do this without the reupload feature if I can’t use it anymore? Is there a folder for all the textures I uploaded to sketchfab?

How are you doing the upload? You can’t upload Substance files directly - you’ll need to use their built-in exporter:

The sketchfab exporter option that shows up in substance? Yeah, I used that and it works perfectly. The problem is that say if I want to change a texture and upload it, I can’t update the model I already sent out. There’s an option for it, but it doesn’t work. I’ve used the update existing file option before with no issues, but not anymore.

I noticed that when I reupload to SF from SP I need to go to model properties to see it updating. The other thing is, if you’re changing the texture or adding one, perhaps when its uploaded to go to the material for it and see if it has multiple textures loaded? Found that SF keeps old textures from a previous uploads when making updates, maybe thats it?

The problem is I can’t update at all. The sketchfab uploader for substance painter has an update feature that used to work but now doesn’t. I want to see if there are either ways to fix this or if there are alternatives.