Can't upload from SCANN3D, any advice please

(Richard Keatinge) #1

I've used SCANN3D and I'm trying to upload the models here. I can't. Every time I press the Upload button I get asked to re-enter my password for Sketchfab. OK, I do it. Then I get asked to edit my Profile page here. No upload happens. I hit Upload again, again I'm requested to sign in and then edit my profile, and so ad infinitum. What am I doing wrong?


Hmm, sounds like the onboarding flow blocks the OAuth process, that shouldn't happen ( @mauricesvay )

For now could you try logging into your account normally and completing your profile?


Actually, I'm not sure that Scann3D is using an OAuth flow. I thought it used an API Token.

(Pavelpetr) #4

Same issue here. Any idea how to solve this and be able to upload models directly fromm SCANN3D? (Android)


Sorry about that! We're in contact with their team to get this solved.