Can't upload/reupload anything!

Hi, so for whatever reason for about two days I have failed to upload/reupload anything at all. I needed to switch a model with a new one, because it was better optimized, at which point I tried to reupload it. The process, however always stays just after “PROCESSED” and just before “PUBLISHED”. I thought this was a browser issue (I normally use Firefox) so I tried in both Chrome and Edge - same result.
So, I thought that maybe it is just reuploading that’s an issue, so I tried to just a\upload a new thing - same result.
I tried all types of files, on all sorts of browsers.
So, I have no idea why and what is going on, SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!

Hi, I also had issues uploading new models. 6 days I asked about it, hope you’ll get more luck having an answer.

Hi there. Looks like you were able to upload something 15 hours ago. Are you still running into problems with upload or has the situation resolved itself?