Can't upload textures


(Cocorico) #1

I've tried uploading textures with my .obj (and .mtl) file by putting a jpeg inside a folder called "textures", and then zipping the whole thing up. But no textures reach the final render.
I keep reading how one can "manually upload textures in 3D Settings after uploading", but I see no button anywhere to allow this. Nor do I see a pane on the right side, with possible image files to use.
Note I'm not using a 3D program to create these, but the files are coming directly out of the iPhone X. I can display the mesh (with texture) manually, but wanted to see if I could in Sketchfab as well.



You can add the texture in 3D Settings, but it does not look like it's mapped correctly:

I checked the original files and the material set up is very strange, and the MTL file does not reference any image.

(Cocorico) #3

Ah, that was it! I didn't make the connection that I needed to click a button called "Base Color" to get to the textures.
The MTL file doesn't ref the image since I am creating the texture coordinates by hand. Thanks!


Cool :slight_smile: