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Can't validate email account


(Ernestomontield) #1

Hi i can not validate my account via email..
i has received one email but it didn't work..
after that none confirmation email has been send from sketchfab..

can anyone do something



As far as I can tell, your email has been confirmed correctly. Are you still having trouble?

(Ernestomontield) #3

yes.. i got al alert orange message in my news feed and i cant not publish the 2nd 3d model i uploaded


I just reconfirmed your email, but it looks like you already have a model uploaded and published:

(Ernestomontield) #5

Well maybe is a bug.. this screenshot has been taked right now

The model has been publish, but i made and saved, some modifications that can't be publish because of de confirmation message..

Best regards


Are you still seeing that? I checked on my end and everything looks ok.

(Ernestomontield) #7

yep , i still have that message and i can't publish the modifications i saved in my models..
thanks for your time...

this is a great place for 3d :wink:


Can you try logging out and back in again?

(Em3d ) #9

Hi i'm here again
i deleted my account
all models were in test mode so no problem

The old account was made via twitter sing up <-

this one, the actual, i made it with the google form
and the confirmation mail arrived very quickly

best regards


Great, so you're all ok now?

(Em3d ) #11

Yep.. its ok