Captain America's shield + mini Tutorial (beginner)

(Dark Minaz) #1

Dear Sketchfab Community

I wanted to create Cap's shield today in high poly. We could bake it on a low poly but where is the fun in that.

Captain America's Shield by dark-minaz on Sketchfab

Since i was done faster than i expected i decided to add a little mini Tutorial to it
All things are based in maya but can probably be done on other programs the same way.
1. Create Basic Cylinder, remove faces you don't need, add few lines so you get Form 1
2. "Cut faces tool", now cut a star in the geometry and connect the corners + some insert edge loop around the lines that have to go "in", shove the middle line in. Extrude for the middle
3. Latice deformer (and shove the middle part slightly out, so it gets "round")
4. Connect ALL THE CORNERS (you need that for the smooth in the end, pre smooth 3 should tell you why :smiley:
5. Bevel some corners :wink: to make it less "edgy"
6. start with the back, extrude the edges on the end, x3
7."fill hole" - connect lines again
8. More bevel on the new corners
9. start with the handle, so cube or plane, move it there
10. did i mentioned bevel before?
11. This one is a bit tricky. Create plane + cv curve tool (make a half circle), now select the plane + curve and hit extrude, you should get a direct line to the end, now up divisions till you like it round enough.
12. bevel again
13. add some bolts
14. bevel again
15. smooth the shield x1 or as many times as you like
- create uv - paint it- upload it :smile:
For all steps there is one part in the link below, to test or if there is a place where you had issues with.

Cap All by dark-minaz on Sketchfab

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