Carbon Freeze - Jai Robinson

(Jairobinson) #1

Well I am going to give this comp a shot. I've only gathered some reference images so far but I better make this thread so I can't back out :stuck_out_tongue:

I'll be making the Han Solo gets frozen in carbonite scene as an annotated still!

(Bart) #2

Welcome on board! I've added one month of Sketchfab PRO to your account so you can use up to 20 annotations and upload larger files. Enjoy :smile:

(Jairobinson) #3

Thanks Bart!

Now for my first WIP image, The blocking out of the carbonite chamber!

(Jairobinson) #4


WIP - Carbonite chamber center by jairobinson on Sketchfab

(Jairobinson) #5

And time for some more Progress....

WIP 2 Carbonite Chamber by jairobinson on Sketchfab

The carbonite chamber is coming along nicely I think. It could still use some more texture work, Glow maps and such but I'm happy with how it's going and I want to get onto some of the other components of the scene.

Star Wars Contest 2015 category: news & fun!
(Jason Ivens) #6

looks great, I'm looking forward to your next WIP :wink:

(Bart) #7

Awesome atmosphere already!

(Jairobinson) #8

Thanks guys,

not a heap of progress this time but here is a chewbacca sculpt I've been working on

(Adam Beamish) #9

Your carbonite chamber looks like the film. Looking forward to seeing how it all comes together! :smile:

(Jpssart) #10

Whoa that's a seriously awesome start! Love your Carbonite Chamber!

(Krzysztof Zwolinski) #11

Nice scenery and great modeling, Looking forward.

(Jairobinson) #12

Hey thanks everyone! The encouragement is appreciated!

Been working on C-3PO to be place on Chewbacca's back. This is where I've gotten to so far. still need to do the UV mapping on it but hopefull I'll get that done tonight!

WIP 3 - C-3PO by jairobinson on Sketchfab

(Jairobinson) #13

Almost finished with this guy. just a couple of issues to fix with the normal map

WIP 4 - Wookie by jairobinson on Sketchfab

(Jairobinson) #14

I think I'll call these guys done for the moment. I gotta get moving onto some of the other characters if I'm going to get done in time!

WIP 5 - Chewebacca and C-3PO by jairobinson on Sketchfab

(Bart) #15

I've just posted a contest update. Enjoy!

(Jairobinson) #16

Ok so it's been ages since I have posted any updates so here is the latest character WIP

WIP - Princess Leia by jairobinson on Sketchfab

I was working on Han Solo but he isn't working out so great :frowning: so I went ahead and made the princess first to reduce my frustration a bit.

(Jairobinson) #17

Now showing in Colour!

WIP 7 - Princess Leia by jairobinson on Sketchfab

(Jairobinson) #18

and here is Han solo. He gave me a lot of trouble and I'm still not satisfied with this one but time is fast running out

WIP 8 - Han Solo by jairobinson on Sketchfab

(Jairobinson) #19

Vader mesh is done

WIP 9 - Darth Vader by jairobinson on Sketchfab

(Jairobinson) #20

Vader Texture completed... still got a lot of work to do on my entry but it's starting to get there...

WIP 10 - Darth Vader by jairobinson on Sketchfab