CarbonFreezing Chamber (Not for the contest)

(G034326a) #1

Something I did for my final year at Staffordshire University, working on a few new things but no time atm to enter one for the contest :frowning:

See all the final scene shots here and a movie with a guest sci fi character :smile: And some of my other Star Wars artwork ^_^

(Gary Phelps) #2

This is COOL, no pun intended!

Let me guess. Leia says "I love you," then the Dalek says "EX-TER-MINATE!"

(Bart) #3

It looks great Phil! Will you be uploading it to Sketchfab too? I'd love to see it in 3D :smile:

(G034326a) #4

I might have to :smiley: Though I am working on an arena set on the Death Star as well ^_^

More Star Wars stuff here and other things :smile:

(G034326a) #5

Indeed Gary :smiley: I had an idea as well to have the Tardis somewhere hidden ^_^

(Bart) #6

Haha, that would have been awesome :smile: