Cardboard=1 for embeds does not appear to launch automatically into SteamVR

Hello! I’m trying to embed a viewer and have it automatically launch into VR mode.

The only option I can find for this is cardboard=1 from the docs, which did show me a dialog about putting my phone in once, then in subsequent launches just hides all of the interface, it does however never appear to launch into SteamVR.

Meanwhile the VR mode works just fine if I push the button, both on the site and in the embed. I’ve tried both a raw HTML embed and injecting it with JavaScript. As mentioned both end up working with the VR button but none with the cardboard parameter.

Is this just me, or has anyone else experienced the same problem? I’m using SteamVR beta 1.9.16, Firefox 71.0, Windows 10 Pro (17763), a Valve Index headset and controllers.

Sadly as WebVR requires a Gesture to start, from W3C recommendation it cannot work without click on the button.

Ah, derp, so no ability to have a continuous gallery of Sketchfab models eh? :sweat_smile: Was going to try and update this old page, but now it seems a bit trickier than I had anticipated :grimacing: Unless we can tell an already running embed to switch models… :thinking: