Cardboard Higher Resolution?

(Pike) #1

Good job on the Google Cardboard; it's great!

Is there an option for it to display a higher resolution rendering?

Also, at least on my cardboard, the initial vantage point is always below the "horizon".
Since I look at most models from above the "horizon", I have to always hold my head
way down when looking into the cardboard.

Thanks and keep up the great work.



Texture resolution is probably being limited by mobile. In the future we might implement some kind of SD/HD option, like you might see in an embedded video.

As for the horizon, it might just be the default position of the mode that's causing it. Maybe you could move the model manually before putting your device in the Cardboard?

(Pike) #3

Thanks. You are right on both points. If I look at the cardboard output on a high resolution display it looks great. I think we can optimize our models for lower resolution devices, like phones, before we upload.

Also, adjusting the position of the model manually before putting it in the Cardboard works.