Cardboard iframe - Gyro Tracking?


(Andras Besenyei) #1

First have my congrats on the work you've done with the Cardboard, pretty neat :wink:

As I started experimenting, I added 'cardboard: 1' option to 'client.init'. Unfortunately, I ran into an odd problem: after implementing your viewer within an iframe, the Cardboard view appears, but no headtracking. Maybe I just need to add one more option that I am not aware yet (to activate gyro-tracking). Do you have any suggestion? :grin:

Start IFRAME in VR Mode

What device are you using?

(Andras Besenyei) #3

I forgot to mention that: iPhone 6/Safari - do you think it's only an iOS specific issue? Just appending '/embed?cardboard=1' to the URL works fine in safari.


Yes, it's an issue on iOS for embedded iframes. We're looking into a fix!

(Andras Besenyei) #5

Seems like it's not your fault, rather a restriction from Apple:

I hope you find a workaround eventually. :confused:


Thanks for the link! cc @paul_sketch