CARDBOARD: Setting full screen on browser?


(Swami Mathtraveler) #1

So, cardboard is cool, but...'s all in the app. And, being very new, Sketchfab's implementation has "room for improvement", which SF fully acknowledges. Thx for your efforts. Anyhow...

Here are a couple things that will make the experience better. Now, some may already be possible, and I've simply missed because I'm new to this. That said...

All attempts in putting a browser in full screen mode have failed w/ SF:( Have tried Chrome, Safari, Dolphin, and 'Web Browser - For Full Screen' (by Ahmmed Shakil). FYI, I'm using iPhone 5. Only Dolphin, and 'Web Browser - ..." will actually "disappear" the UI, but unfortunately, the cardboard stereo goes away!:smile:

Also, in all the above browsers, using SF full screen button does NOT disappear the browser UI.

What am I missing? TIA...

(Mauricesvay) #3

Hi @swami_mathtraveler ,

unfortunately, browsers on iOS do not have the fullscreen capability. Trying a different browser doesn't really help, as they all use the Safari webview underneath. The only way to solve that would be to develop a native application I guess.

(Tojek Vfx) #4

Same experience here, I was never able to get full screen VR models to display on my iPhones also. Always remained a some browser UI.

(Mauricesvay) #5

@tojek_vfx we are aware of the issue. Unfortunately the fullscreen API isn't supported by iOS. Sometimes you can have a fullscreen viewer by changing the orientation from landscape to portrait to landscape. But that's pretty random.

(Swami Mathtraveler) #6

Thx, @mauricesvay. Too bad. That's the way API's go, sometimes:( Hopefully, that will change...

(Swami Mathtraveler) #7

@mauricesvay, you wrote: "browsers on iOS do not have the fullscreen capability".

Respectfully, this is not my experience, as noted in my original post: "...Dolphin, and 'Web Browser - ..." will actually 'disappear' the UI, but unfortunately, the cardboard stereo goes away".

What am I missing? Now, I know that programming can be "nuanced", and describing the situation can get lost in the wording. So, please, straighten me out. TIA.

(Swami Mathtraveler) #8

OK, stumbled onto these iOS ports of original, Google-only Cardboard SDK:
- CardboardSDK-iOS
- CardboardVR-iOS

Is the SF Cardboard effort using one of these?

Perhaps this explains some of the programming challenges of getting SF Cardboard "fully" working on iOS. Still though - per my last post - some aspect of some iOS SDK supports full-screen mode. Hm?...

P.S. Here's an interesting visualization of the evolution of the CardboardSDK-iOS project.

(Mauricesvay) #9

Hi @swami_mathtraveler,

we are not using any of these SDKs, because they are meant for native apps. Sketchfab works as a web app in your browser, not as a native app.
The missing fullscreen mode for web page is a decision from Apple, and we can not change that easily. We hope that Apple will add that to Safari in a near future.

Meanwhile, we might create a native app that would bring a fullscreen experience, but I can't tell you when that will happen. We plan to improve the VR features in the next months, so stay tuned :smile:

(Swami Mathtraveler) #10

Thx for the details, and all your efforts, @mauricesvay. As a fellow developer, I know how hands can be tied, sometimes:(

Fortunately, the "not full screen" issue is not too bad, as the top portion of the screen is only minimally visible. So, just a minor thing, But given that full screen is possible under certain conditions, it is a reasonable thing to expect/desire.

Looking forward to any advances/improvements the SF team implements...


When I use /embed?cardboard=1 on Safari on iOS, I can hide the menu bar by switching to portrait and back to landscape.

(Swami Mathtraveler) #12

Thx, @james. Unfortunately, that is not the behavior on my end:( In addition to flipping back and forth, I tested using the cardboard icon, plus explicitly appending '/embed?cardboard=1' to the URL. Not surprisingly, results were the same for both methods.

Here are screenshots from my tests. Both are iOS 9.2 running Safari w/ default configuration. First is iPhone 5; second iPhone 6 Plus.



First screenshot looks like Chrome - I have not been able to hide the menu bar on Chrome for iOS.

Second screenshot, I don't see tabs like that on my iPhone 6, is that only on the 6 Plus? On my device, landscape → portrait → landscape always hides the menu on any website, but loading in landscape does not.

(Swami Mathtraveler) #14

Thx, @james.

Second image is Safari. First was Chrome. Sorry. I so rarely use Safari, that I "slipped". Here is a Safari shot on the iPhone 5. Note: Still same "problem":frowning:

(Swami Mathtraveler) #15

Very odd...

Safari, in iOS 9.2, on iPhone 6 Plus:
(FYI, regardless of which orientation started in.)

  • Starting in landscape: upon scrolling down, UI disappears; up, it reappears, BUT DOES NOT DO THIS FOR SF MODEL VIEWER. In fact, at that point, not possible to scroll.

  • Starting in portrait: UI is split (URL at top; other at bottom): upon scrolling down, bottom UI disappears; top UI gets smaller; scrolling up, back to original split UI.

So, still not getting the same behavior as on your end. Hm?...


Not sure how to help :frowning:

Load in portrait:

Rotate to landscape:

(Swami Mathtraveler) #17

Yeah. At a bit of an impasse. Thx for all your help. I'll keep trying on my end, or just except the minor "problem".

(Pontushammarback) #18

Using iPhone 5s. Tried both Chrome and Safari and having the same issue as @swami_mathtraveler , I'm wondering if SF could add some black space above the image so we can actually scroll down a bit. Scrolling will hide the address bar and buttons...

When using Autodesk 360 panorama renderings, the UI does hide in Safari, not in Chrome.

(Jvouillon) #19

And what if... the meta-tag "apple-mobile-web-app-capable" was added? Thus, it could be possible to add the page to home screen then reload the page from there without the menu bar?

(Uris2000) #20

Just to add my 2 cents. I don't think it's accurate that statements that there's no full screen mode on iOS.
We are trying to view a model in VR mode in full screen, and:
1. It works just fine, full screen and all, on iPhone 6.
2. On the target device - iPod Touch (latest model) AND on iPhone 5s - all works except the full screen. However, you can see easily that in the non-VR mode (without the cardboard=1) - the SF site DOES appear in full screen! so I think the page that is loaded either needs some changes in Tags or whatnot, or simply the page is too "short" hence Safari doesn't even attempt to hide the top/bottom lines as it thinks there's no point as you see the whole page.
Any idea how to dix this?

(Mauricesvay) #21

When we say that iOS doesn't support full screen mode, we're specifically talking about the HTML5 Full Screen API .
When you rotate the iPhone, Safari can sometimes display the page full screen. But it's not always predictable.

@jvouillon add special meta tags could work, but isn't very practical. You would have to add all the models you want to see in full screen to your home screen.

@uris2000 adding extra space around the viewer might work, but still feels like an ugly workaround.

Ultimately, the best solution would be to implement full screen with native APIs, in a native app.
The App Store also has some full screen browsers that could help.