CardBoard usage question


I've stumbled upon an article that say skechfab with cardboard helped a cardiac surgeon save a life of a little baby. So first, Thank you for what you do, that is uber-mega-great!

Secound, I wish to use the cardboard, but I don't understand how to zoom-in and zoom-out with the cardboard.
The magnetic thingy on the cardboard does not do anything. is there something I'm missing?

Also, on your post:
you ask to add '/embed?cardboard=1' to the url. is there any meaning to the number? like '/embed?cardboard=2' do something?


Hey @tomer_nussbaum,

we've just made it easier to enable the Cardboard mode - just click the Cardboard icon at the bottom of the viewer:

Our VR support is still young. At this moment you can't navigate inside VR yet, only look around. The magnetic button doesn't work yet either. But don't worry - these things are all on their way!

PS: I've updated that post, thanks for flagging it!

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Sometimes a model can appear really far away in VR mode. If this happens, you'll need to zoom in manually before putting it in your Cardboard.

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I love your VR option! I was wondering, if it could be possible to have keyboard shortcuts to navigate ( zoom in, zoom out, rotate and so on)? I'm using a using a MakeMakey as an input device to navigate in 3JS, and it's working fine even on iOS devices.

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@jvouillon Interesting! Something to think about @mauricesvay @arthurjamain ?


How do you connect the Makey Makey to your iPhone? I like the idea :smile:

@james with our API you can control the camera, right? So if @jvouillon can capture the events with Javascript, he should be able to control the camera in VR already (with a bit of hacking)

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Hi Bart, I'm going to check your API.
The MakeyMakey is connected via the Lightning to USB Camera Adapter. I have plugged a 5 directions switch to the MakeyMakey, in order to use it as a joystick, so no need to watch your keyboard with the Goggles on. You can take a look here:

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It's working! :smile:
Using your API with option cardboard:1.Disabled the animation, because it was too slow on my iPhone. (Ugly code which needs improvements):


Nice! Well done.

I bet @cedric and @mauricesvay will like this :smile:

Haha, this is so awesome :smile:

Very cool hack ! :smile:

Wow, so awesome! Would you be interested in writing an article/tutorial about how you did that? I love such hacks and always like sharing the knowledge with our community.

I'll be honoured! :smile:
But first, I want to explore a couple of other things (keep the orbit with the phone orientation and use the MakeyMakey for travellings) and polish the code...

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Sure, no worries :smile: You can contact me on

Hey jvouillon, nice work. I think a cleaner way to run the loop is to use requestAnimationFrame() rather than SetTimeout().

function loop() {
   switch(cameraMove) {

replace: setTimeout( loop, 100 );
with: window.requestAnimationFrame(loop);

Cheers, Andrew | Western Sydney University

Hi Andrew, sorry I have seen your comment till now! Thanks for your advice. I'm going to try that. :smile: