Cardboard VR not working anymore on IOS app


I’m using the app with a Cardboard on a Iphone 6S.

Everything was working fine few weeks ago but now when I press the VR button it only show the model fullscreen with a cross on the bottom.

I can move it with my finger but not the phone orientation.

Is this a know issue ?

Thank you very much for your amazing work on the website

Well i did some research and it seem than WebXR VR does not work on IOS right now (or at least on an iphone 6S).

Tried using the WebXR Viewer app by Mozilla but it crash when i try to open a Sketchfab model in fullscreen.

Showing a VR 3D model on a cardboard + Ios is curently really hard.

I will try to use A-frame since it’s currently the only working browser based VR technology working on the Ios + cardboard combo.

I have the same issues on iphone 7, ios 13.6.

The problem is related to missing permissions.

To workaroud the issue from a browser, first load an aframe model (eg. Caution Aframe Sign - 3D model by clazst88 (@clazst88) [652f160] - Sketchfab ), you will be prompted for permissions to to use orientation and movement. Confirm and then you can view any other model.

Unfortunately the workaround does not work in the sketchfab app. Please fix it!