Cargo Spaceship

Hi all,
This is my last model. I’ve tried to create a “realistic” or at least plausible cargo spaceship. It’s not intended to land on planetary surface, but rather ships containers from space dock to space dock. So, it doesn’t need to have any aerodynamic profil.
I hope you will like it.

Have a good day everybody !


Nice work, @mrcyb!

You might find you get more interaction / feedback on your art over on the Sketchfab Discord server :point_right:

Thanks !
If think i will have to install Discord onmy computer. :wink:

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Looks really cool!
I like the that even in space containers look the same as on earth :smiley:
It gives it a realistic feel.

Hi !
I have thinking about make more “sci-fi” looking containers, but i’ve realized that there is certainly not practical necessity to change the shape of the actual containers. A rectangular box is easy to fill, easy to stack etc.
So, i’ve decided to keep “our” 20th century style containers. (since 1970 they have not change in shape) :wink:

Thanks !

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