[Cartoony] Mouse-trap Overkill!


(Lord00120) #1

Day 0:
Allright allright, tomorrow work starts on my Mad Science scene.
So I've had several ideas, and after finally forgetting the words: "Banana-Laser", I settled on a frustrated scientist, who's trying to deal with his mouse infestation.

To solve his problems he's built a huge ray cannon, which he aims directly at the nearest mousehole, with the mouse cowering in fear inside.

I think I'll animate this scene, and have something go wrong with the machine, which he tries to fix repeatedly

(Bart) #2

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(Lord00120) #3

Day 1:
Sketched my scientist and his evil creation (never been great at drawing, so the final scene will probably look nothing like the sketch:

I also begun on the scientist himself, making his head:

And covered it with spiky hair, (somehow reminds me of Evil Jak from Jak & Daxter)

Tommorow I'll be doing his body, and then starting on his gamma cannon!

(Lord00120) #4

Day 1.5:
Oops, made the body this evening instead

I think this is ready enough for animating :smile:

(Theedstar1) #5

I love this style its so unique

(Lord00120) #6

Thank you! :smile:
Day 3:
Character now fully rigged and ready for animation, and I also added my evil doctors ultimate nemesis

So I guess I gotta start naming things and make up some kind of story

(Lord00120) #7

Also here's WIP from day 3

Mad Scientist WIP by Jakob Baldwin on Sketchfab

(Theedstar1) #8

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha the mouse is so cool!

(Lorenzoderijcke) #9

Nice work @lord00120 :smiley: love the idea of a scientist who works with inventions that can cause serious harm, but who is affraid a mouse (the sinister glasses do give the mouse a psychological advantage of course).

oh and maybe the mouse is working on counter measures in his evil lair as well ? :open_mouth:

keep up the good work looking forward to your progress.

Cheers :smile:

(Lord00120) #10

Actually, the lap in the mousehole idea is really great, I might just do that!

(Lord00120) #11

Day 3.5:
Moved on to the ray cannon, since there was no reason to begin animating without this crucial piece!
Blocking out the shape>

Adding details:

Added colour:

Next up, I gotta rig this bad boy so it can fire and break down!

(Lord00120) #12

Day 4:
Now the machine, doctor and mouse are all fully rigged, and animating can begin!
Here's the machine crashing, still working on the doctors reaction :stuck_out_tongue: Also thinking about making some sparks fly out several places

(Theedstar1) #13

NOW THIS IS BEAST!!!!!!! ha ha ha ha ha shame his awesome contraption just falls apart he seems so angry ha ha ha ha i love this man.

(Lord00120) #14

Day 6 update! (skipped day 5 because of just cleaning keyframes):
Still animating -,- Not my strong side! The animation is "Done" though, just need to be cleaned up more!
Here's how the keyframes are looking so far:

I also modelled the doctors lab, complete with a little mousehole.

So things I still need to do:
- decide on certain important colours, such as the background!
- finish cleaning up animation
- give the mouse a name, and either a handheld raygun, or a small lab, or some other crazy idea
- model some sort of machinery on the table and maybe something against the walls
And most importantly, actually write out a story!

Expecting to be done soon, since I gotta study for exams!

(Lord00120) #15

Day 7:
Finally done with animation!
Finished the lab, only needs some textures on the scientist's sketch on the table there
The mouse didn't get a gun or a lab, but had an even better idea

(Lord00120) #16

Aaaand done with my entry for this contest!
Here is the finished result

Dr. Sylvester & M.O.U.S.E Exterminator by Jakob Baldwin on Sketchfab

Boy oh boy thats the biggest animation work I've ever done :smile:

(Jeff Leclerc) #17

This is awesome! I love your drawn style and the cartoon speedy effect when the scientist moves from a place to another. The integration inside the teal background is seamless and makes it even more impressive. Great job!

(Grico316) #18

Wow. You have done a lot of work. Animation looks awesome so far. The animation on the screens is a really nice touch.

(Andrius Beconis) #19

Omg this is so cool! That speed part is really awesome, very nicely done. :smile:

(Lorenzoderijcke) #20

Nice work sir :smile:
I like that crafty mouse, well done!