Categories doesn’t seem to work

(Www Noe 3d At) #1

Hi, since yesterday evening the categories doesn’t work. If I select a category it shows all models from all categories.

(Www Noe 3d At) #2

Me again, this happens only when i use the navigation at the top of the site (explore). If i use the dropdown categories menu all is working.

(Tiagojdferreira) #3 Could you confirm that the results are actually not filtered? I am trying to reproduce your problem and I do get different results for different categories, however the page title is always Models / This week.

(Www Noe 3d At) #4

For example, go to "Explore" select cultural heritage and then load the 2nd page. It is showing all models from all categories. This is same in all other categories, after the first site of models (they are correct) all models are shown if u hit "Show more".

(Dan) #8

Thanks again for sharing this! It looks like it's a known issue and our developers are currently working to fix it.