Categorizing models

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I have a problem viewing new models at Sketchfab. The choice is either Popular, Downloadable, or Editor's pick, etc in a drop-out menu under "Explore", but I just want to see what are the new models out there.
I am aware of the "Order by most recent" button on the right, but the categories limit my search. Why don't you have a simple catergory "View all"? I personally need it. So I simply click category "All models" and filter them by "Most recent".
Andy why do you have a "Polygons" filter? Who would ever use it? Who cares about polygon number?

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You can always go to . Read this topic: . Your questions about the polygons filter are interesting !

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Thanks, but you are not answering my question. The advice " You can always go to" does work, but it is not an easy find unless you search . What is the problem of adding "All Models" category?


We don't expose /models explicitly because it is often not a very nice browsing experience.

1) It could be completely full of one user's bulk uploads that aren't interesting
2) There could be some delay in thumbnail generation. Looking at a gallery of empty thumbnails isn't nice either.

Polygon filtering: why not? I use it when I'm interested in low-poly models.

Cat by THE JAMK on Sketchfab

Nerd [Animation] by tommonster on Sketchfab

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I agree that Sketchfab could use more catagorising features.

Though what I'd like to see more of is more options for catagorisation in user profiles. I can put my models into a folder. but in that folder there is no way of organising anything. Sorting by name for example would be nice. And maybe as creator of a folder putting a default sorting method on it.