CC Attribution License

Hello, this is my first post here and I’m kinda new to Sketchfab at all so I have a question or two.
I am an indie game dev and I was looking for good looking models. I found a lot of great models on your website and was surpriced when I saw they are free under a CC Attribution license. I visited the page for more info and saw that you can use it as long as you credit the owner. I have no problem with putting their name in the credits but It says I have to give a link to the model. Thats ridiculous have you ever seen game credits section with links in it ?? So my question is: Can I use the model and credit the author by his name and not by giving a link because that’s very odd.

A link is a pretty important part of CC attribution, as described here:

Maybe you can bundle them in a section of your credits with a single URL?

3D Models licensed under CC-BY on

  • Model 1 by Author 1
  • Model 2 by Author 2
  • Model 3 by Author 3

That should give enough information for someone to find them again.