CC-attribution models, store ethics & strategy


(Norgeotloic) #1

Hello support team (probably Support King?) and others !

I have a few questions concerning CC-attribution and commercial usage, which I’d love to have clues about:

If I mix, remix, adapt or retopologize some CC-attribution models, which limitations exist concerning the fact of selling those models?
In my precise case, I am currently making some lowpoly assets based on CC-attribution scans from multiple users (see this collection).

  1. My question is simple: can I sell similar (and more complete) collections in the store or on other platforms, with the appropriate credits of course?
  2. If yes, do I need the agreement of all the original model author (quite impossible for big collection)?
  3. And if I create such bundles from only one author models, don’t I need his agreement (I feel like I would basically sell someone’s else modified work)?

As I understand it, the CC-attribution licensing scheme should allow to do that, but although neither the mesh nor the textures are the same (as they are remeshed and the textures baked to new UVs), I don’t know if just the fact of making models “lowpoly” allows to sell them, as they look awfully close to the originals ( which is a good thing overall :smiley: ).

  1. Plus, are models where one (I for instance) would use a model under CC-attribution, retopologize it and create a PBR material from scratch - similar to that one - be ok for the store?

I am also struggling about the “ethics” of making paying assets: I enjoy making free quality assets, but I would also very much enjoy to make a bit of money from them…

  1. What other “solutions” do people use apart from giving away 1 asset out of 5 OR low resolution assets OR using patreon/buymeacoffe ?

Any regard on those 5 points would be more than welcome as I am new to selling, and to even consider it! Thanks in advance!



(not a laywer, not an expert on these licenses)

  1. My question is simple: can I sell similar (and more complete) collections in the store or on other platforms, with the appropriate credits of course?

All CC licenses require that you give attribution (the name of the author and a link back to the original should suffice). You can also sell and use models for commercial purposes as long as the specific CC license does not include the “Non-Commercial” option.

  1. I think this is ok without explicit permission. Their agreement is implied by the license as long as you follow the rules of the whichever CC license it is.

  2. See #2 I think this is also OK, although in my opinion it seems a bit against the spirit of creative commons if you are simply combining bundles together and not making larger modifications such as changing topology.

  3. Yes I think that’s fine.

  4. That’s probably up to you, but you can offer a few assets for free to get people interested in your work and offer more assets (especially higher quality work) as paid.

(Norgeotloic) #3

Thank you for your prompt answer support king!

You confirm most of what I thought, although I’d of course appreciate to have a lawyer’s regard on that one :wink:

The “unique user” question is the one who remains unclear to me, but I guess will pass the test of the store validation. I was thinking about making a lowpoly persons pack, and as some users have huge collections of CC-BY body scans, a big part of such packs would come from such collections. Like 1/3 maybe… In no case would I only retake models and combine them, the objects are profoundly remeshed and I guess for people assets, textureless. I would not sleep well otherwise!

One last question remains: for packs with lots of different objects, I can not possibly list back to every model, but I can limit to a link back to every user. Is that ok, or does a “credits.txt” file in the supplementary files seems necessary?

Thanks again for your help, I’ll leave you alone after this!


I think the more thoroughly you include attribution, the better. A credits.txt file doesn’t seem like a bad idea.