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Certain meshes are dark after uploading


(Mysticalzelda) #1

Hey there,

I have some issues uploading to sketchfab. In my modeling software (blender) everything seems normal and when I look if the normals are set right, it shows them right
How it appears in blender:

And how it appears in sketchfab:

I think it has something to do with rotating/scaling parts after I duplicate them, because it mostly happens to meshes that have been duplicated. However theres no use in flipping normals in blender, because theyre already set good.

Any suggestions to how I can fix this? Also I just started in blender, so please explain it with not too many complicated terms that I might not know. (or just explain them)

Thank you
PS: sorry for the imgur url, but I am not allowed to post more then 1 image.



You should apply transforms to everything before exporting, especially Scale because it is non-uniform (i.e. [1, -1, 1])

(Mysticalzelda) #3

It worked! Thanks a ton for explaining this to me :slight_smile: !