CH+3D conferences, workshops, professional development

(Abby Crawford) #1

I thought it might be nice if various opportunities were listed in a specific place. If you stumble across something that sounds interesting, please post! Here are a couple of events taken from the Cultural Heritage Applications for 3D Scans topic.

"This NEH Summer Institute for Advanced Topics in the Digital Humanities will take place over two consecutive summers. In 2015, participants will gather at UMass Amherst from June 22 – 28 to discuss key issues and challenges facing scholars working with 3D content with an emphasis on the end user experience, and define research questions that they will explore in the subsequent academic year. In 2016, participants will present their findings at a three-day symposium to be held at UCLA from June 20-23." (

The Society for American Archaeology will be having a couple of relevant panels at its annual meeting in San Francisco in mid-April. Both panels are on Thursday the 16th:

3D Modeling and Printing in Archaeology: Transformative Innovations/Appropriations
(Sponsored by Sustainable Archaeology/iPINCH)
Moderators: Neal Ferris; George Nicholas
Discussants: Maurizio Forte; Mary
Compton; Peter Dawson; Eric Hollinger;
Kristina Killgrove; Heather McKillop

MayaArch3D: Building a 3DWebGIS Documentation and Analysis System for Complex Archaeological Sites
Chairs: Jennifer Von Schwerin; Markus Reindel; Heather Richards-Rissetto
Participants: Markus Reindel and Jennifer
von Schwerin; Fabio Remondino and Belen
Jiménez Fenández-Palacios; Jennifer Von
Schwerin and MIke Lyons; Lukas Loos,
Michael Auer, Nicolas Billen and Alexander
Zipf; Nicolas Billen, Lukas Loos, Michael
Auer and Alexander Zipf; Laura Stelson;
Franziska Fecher; Michael Lyons and
Jennifer von Schwerin; Heather
Richards-Rissetto, Michael Auer, Jennifer
von Schwerin and Nicolas Billen
Discussant: Maurizio Forte

(Abby Crawford) #2

Just found a conference in Lincoln, Nebraska, although it's rather short notice...

(Garydempsey) #3

The 1st Virtual Heritage Network (VHN) Ireland conference will be held at An Foras Feasa, The Institute for Research in Irish Historical and Cultural Traditions at Maynooth University (Maynooth, Kildare) from Friday 20th – Sunday 22nd November 2015. VHN Ireland aims to bring together people who work for the support, improvement and promotion of virtual heritage in Ireland across the academic, business, education, cultural heritage, policy, and tourism sectors. It welcomes people from a diverse range of backgrounds including archaeology, cultural studies, social sciences, arts, conservation, education, engineering, computer science, business, and industry.

(Abby Crawford) #4

The Archaeological Institute of America's annual meeting is in San Francisco in early January. I haven't given the preliminary schedule a thorough going over yet, but found this session on Thursday, Jan. 7:

8:00a.m. to 10:30a.m. Photogrametric & 3D Approaches in Archaeological Fieldwork

(Abby Crawford) #5

On April 1, 2016 the Archaeological Research Center at the University of California, Santa Cruz is putting on a conference entitled "Modeling Culture: 3D Archaeology and the Future of the Past."

For more info, check out the ARC website.