Change annotation size?


(Jp Fw) #1


is it possible to change the size of the annotation tags?

I need it lager.



It's not possible at the moment, but we'll consider this feedback for the future!

Can you tell me more about your use-case?

Is there any changes planned for the annotations system?
(Jp Fw) #3

The client wants bigger annotiationmarks. Thats the most important.
But he also wishes custom colors, icons and more text:).

(Anna Morrison) #4

Hi James, would it be possible to at least change the width of the annotation box?


Hi Anna,

Not at the moment, but you could set up a custom app with the Viewer API to display more information:

(Anna Morrison) #6

Hi James, as the client doesn't want to use something that's a lab experiment how can we display the full screen annotation in place of the "popup" plinth?

This first screen grab shows the viewer at a normal size and when the annotation is clicked a popop style plinth appears. If we cannot make this plinth size bigger would it be possible to "force" the full screen annotation mode shown below?

When the viewer is small and you click on an annotation it shows a very small plinth with the words "more info". When that is click it displays the contents of the plinth full screen.

I would like to know; can we click on the number to display this full screen annotation without seeing the "more info" button and even when the viewer itself is large on screen? I hope I'm clear in what I'm trying to say. Many thanks for your time.

I thought Sketchfab was ideal for this project but wasn't aware the client had so much text to go in each plinth. I may have to look at alternatives now but I can see you have the full screen annotation mode already. I hope it's possible to use this as it would save me having to move. Many thanks!

Full screen annotations ? Resize image?

The full screen annotation is based on screen/window size. I'm not sure I have a better solution if you're not able to use the Viewer API to build your own interface.

@mauricesvay any ideas?

(Anna Morrison) #8

We approached the client with the annotation sync sample but they don't want to go with anything custom as they don't feel it will be commercially stable. What's your opinion on this?

Otherwise, based on my previous post, is there a way to force full screen annotation via the embed code - similar to how you would autospin? (without using the viewer api?)

I'd love to hear your thoughts,

(Anna Morrison) #9

Hi, is there any updates regarding the annotation? Many thanks!



There hasn't been any work on this, but we did change the behavior so annotations show the title instead of just "more info +"

(Anna Morrison) #11

Thanks for getting back to me James. Do you guys offer custom development to the viewer?

  • To make the annotations full screen (independent of viewer size) with scroll bar if necessary,
  • allow custom annotation background colour,
  • allow clickable buttons on the annotations to go to the next one?

I may as well ask here, can you also remove the Sketchfab watermark if you do cater for custom development?

My client is looking for these features and willing to pay appropriately.

Many thanks for your time.


We don't do custom development in-house at the moment, but there are several members of the community with experience building Viewer API apps. For example, @klaasnienhuis might be able to help.

And at the moment there is no way to remove the Sketchfab watermark.

(Klaasnienhuis) #13

Hi @Anna.Morrison,
as James mentioned I'm a 3D developer and I've done projects with Sketchfab (this and this). With the core API of sketchfab it's hard to customize the annotations. But we could go over your requirements and see what's possible.
The example project James suggested is actually a pretty good way to work with custom annotations. The recent example of clickable models also gives the opportunity to create custom annotations.
You can contact with a PM here on sketchfab or ping me on skype. My skype ID is grabjacket.

(Hsfcb) #14

Hi James,

is there any progress or future plans for customizing the annotation style (e.g. the size/width)?
I’m also experiencing problems when annotations contain lots of content, as they are shown partially outside the visible area.



Hi Dietmar,

There has been no movement on customizing annotation style. Can you tell me more about your use case?

We’re aware of the issue of annotation content leaving the viewer area. It’s not an easy fix but we definitely hope to address it when we can.

(Misumi Europa) #16

Hi James,

I’m experiencing similar issues. We have a bit of information about our products and in certain screen sizes, the annotation gets cut off. Is there any information on further development plans, like changing the width?

Best regards


There is currently nothing planned on the short-term roadmap, but it’s on our todo list to improve annotation behavior.

(Dtaerial) #18

Adding my name to the list of developers the require being able to change annotation window size and behaviour.

A MAJOR problem with that API is it loads all web resources on page load. So if you have a video it loads. if it starts to play it plays behind the scenes. I used it for a virtual tour of the Don Imus Ranch where we used all 360 panos in the right screen. It overloaded the GPU on my computer and half the panos didn’t load. I considered having someone do some AJAX development to get around this issue. Instead I decided to just use models as part of the tour rather than the base layer for my tour (using a panoramic tour instead).

(Martinsabag) #19

Adding myself as another requester of Annotation modification.
On mobile, the annotation is very small and almost not clickable…