Change Color and Transparency of Annotation Tags?

(Heritagedocumentationprograms) #1

Model URL:

Browser: Chrome

Operating System: Win 7 64

Description of problem: Annotation tags can be hard to see when hidden behind geometry (especially if your model is set to a white or light color). Is there a way to change the color and/or transparency of annotation tags? An easier (quicker) solution for me would be the ability to completely turn off the semi-transparent effect altogether. Thanks.



Features like that aren't on our short-term roadmap, but I'll pass on the feedback and add your '+1' to this feature request for more customizable annotations.

For now, it's probably best to navigate using the annotation menu/buttons in the viewer.

Is there any changes planned for the annotations system?
(Steebus) #3

This would be exactly like what I am looking for to be able to create something like this i would need transparency in the labels and an UI layer of some sort. Currently looking to do this is either cl3ver or Unity.

As you have the annotations, wouldn't it be so nice and sleek to style them:)