Change default animation display from seconds to frames


I’m making a Blender add-on to easily get spritesheet animation to sketchfab. To my knowledge its a known issue that you cant get constant/stepped interpolation to animations when exporting to sketchfab from blender.
Though, if you click the time in the sketchfabs UI so that it plays by frames the animation plays as intended. Would it be possible to set which of those is the default (seconds or frames) for example in the 3D settings area, so when someone views the model it would show the animation in frames by default?

Here’s an example model I uploaded.

It’s not a direct answer to your question, but perhaps using the Timeframe feature ( would be better suited to this type of sprite animation, which I don’t believe uses any frame interpolation.

Although this doesn’t support .Blend files, which may be an issue since you’re writing a Blender addon…

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Thanks for a reply! Yeah, I’m familiar with that feature and I’m afraid it would bring more complications and work for the end user, especially when trying to combine the spritesheet animation with other animations and models in one scene.
The ideal usecase for this addon would be to have it be used with other models and animations in one scene, e.g. sprite sheet for a explosion effect or dust cloud or such.

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