Change in private models monthly limit?

When I joined sketchfab as paying customer (Pro), there was no limit to the number of private models.

Later on, you guys decided only 20 private models per month would be allowed for Pro accounts. That change was done regardless of the billing cycle and though I had a yearly subscription pre-paid, that change was pushed forward for all of us.

Given that I needed more than 20 private models per month, I upgraded my account to a Premium account so I could get 200 private models per month. That happened to be ten times more money per year than before but against my partners advice, I decided to go ahead with the upgrade.

For a while, this has been working ok for my needs. And whenever I reached the monthly limit I could always delete some private models to make room for new ones within the monthly limit.

A few days ago, a change seems to have been done to the way deleted private models are accounted for. Right now it seems that your written policy in that states If you make a private model public or delete a private model from your current month’s quota, you can receive an additional credit. is no longer honored.

So my question is now: Have you really changed your policy for the way private models are counted within each month period?

Actually, this is the account that experienced the problem detailed above.

I just hope the Premium account gets this question answered within 24h though OP did not have that status, as it really affects us.

Perhaps @james knows more about this

I was clearly wrong assuming I would get a 24h response here.

The policy has not changed, but there may be a bug, I will investigate.

And I apologize for the delay. This forum is not considered in the 24h response time, as it is primarily community-led. To best reach our support team directly, you can use the Help Center form ( ) or email if you prefer.

I think I’ve found the issue. We’ll get it fixed ASAP. Thanks for the report

No wonder where the “support king” label comes from :smiley:

Thanks a lot,


Issue is still happening, maybe fix is not yet pushed. image

This should be fixed now.