Change Material property using API

Hi. I am happy to post a problem which is occurred in my end.
I am trying to change material property like the emission of my model using API.
Because I love sketchfab 3D setting function and I edited my model on it.
so I have to access to model setting using API in my project.
But I couldn’t find a way to implement this.
I want to know how it can be implemented.
Thanks, everybody to read my post.

Hi there @ProminenceHome . Here’s an example I just made: And here’s an example from the Sketchfab docs: Viewer API - Examples - Sketchfab

It really helps when you take a bit of time to study the structure of a Sketchfab material. You can see the materials logged into the console in my example. Basically, a material has an array of channels (e.g. roughness, emission, opacity). Each channel contains the settings which are specific for that channel.
In my example, I modify the factor of the RoughnessPBR channel of the material with the name Pot
The emission channel is called EmitColor


Thanks for your post.
It works amazingly. simple and best sample I have ever seen.