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Change model colors interactively

(Cscartdept) #1

I asked this question before but did not materialize a solution. Does anyone have any ideas? It would be greatly appreciated.
Fore Example - I have a box shape here and I want to enable the viewer's ability to pick colors from a palette or enter a hex color.


Sorry if I missed your previous question. This is possible with the Viewer API. Here are some resources and examples:

The example from Terma is similar to what you described.

(Cscartdept) #3

Thank you James. It seems you can only change one part color only and I was looking for multiple parts with different colors all in one model.


You can change multiple parts as you like, check out the Apple Watch example:

(Cscartdept) #5

That looks how the heck did they do that?


It's just the Viewer API. I see you've already posted in the developer forum for help :slight_smile: