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Change object's material

(Ivanix88) #1

Hi! On my latest model I found an object which I forgot to add the correct material, and now it doesn't display as I would like. I would prefer not to take the risk of lossing some of the 3D settings by re-uploading it, so I wanted to ask first:

Is there any way to change an object's material on Sketchfab itself? I mean, something like "I have a cube with "Material A" and a sphere with "Material B". Can I change the cube's material to "Material B" inside Sketchfab's 3D editor?

I found in that I can turn on and off an object or material, so could something similar be used to what I said?

Hope you understand me, and thanks for reading.

(Lord00120) #2

If you go to your model and press re upload, and just use the same file format as when you uploaded the first time, it will keep the 3D settings in the sketchfab viewer :slight_smile: So just only change the material that was wrong in your 3D program, export and re upload :wink: