Change password

i’m logging in sketchfab account via google account and i don’t have separate password specifically for sketchfab. But now i’m having trouble with that, as i want to upload model directly from substance painter 2 and it requires me to enter sketchfab password. What i’m supposed to do?

Thanks in advance.


I just sent you a new password. Did you receive it?


Yes, i received and changed already. Thank you!

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I have the same issue. Logging in via a google account and can’t seem to reset a password to use the Blender add-on. Many thanks.

Hey, I’m trying to login on my original account and I don’t remember my password. But Everytime I hit lost password or try to reset it nothing happens. I’m not being sent an email at all.

Edit: currently using Google account to even comment.

No I didn’t get it. No email and a while ago I did change it it to my personal email and I checked both. My profile is LillianVogelsang.

(Sorry for late response)

We’re currently having an issue with the password reset email and are working on a fix. I’ll post here when the issue has been resolved.