Change the order models appear on your profile Summary page?

How do you change the order of models as they appear on your Summary page (the landing page when people view your profile)?


It seems you can’t to change your Summary page. The models are placed in descending order of their number of “like” then , for several models with the same number of like , they are sorted by date, newest to oldest .


We plan to offer more profile customization features in the future, but it’s not yet possible.


Is there somewhere I can vote for this?

You just did :slight_smile:

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This would be a great feature, in this moment I have to hope to get a certain amount of likes to get the order that I want :grin:


I know it has been a while since this was discussed. Has there been any progress in users being able to change the order of models in the view list. For our use, I am referring to the models list with the choice of most liked or most viewed or most recent. We have a very large number of models and are now adding new versions of the same models for our archaeologists to compare. We are using modifications of the original model name/number to simplify finding the comparisons. Is there any way of re-ordering them by name or number. Our models have sequential numbers (FS0001 thru FS1860+) such that a simple re-order just by name would work for us. Re-uploading in the desired order is not reasonable.

Thanks and regards to all.

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This is a long overdue feature that should be standard. Businesses need sorting and artists need creative control over how their work is displayed. An alternative for FOFSedona might be to embed your models on your own website, but that is a complicated extra step for daily added models. I hope you see an affirmative response soon!

Is there any progress on this?

I have models of dive sites photogrammetry scans, that I’m slowly updating, upgrading, adding more scans, coverage to the 3D map… so i have new ‘versions’ and old versions of any particular map.
I really, really need to have the latest models uploaded at the top of the summary, as the older models have been superseded. A model being ‘popular’ of no use to me here.
I need the current data to display first.

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This feature would be very nice indeed, I agree, and something that has been on my mind.
Though my compromise is that I just got into the habit of linking people directly into my models list which always is sorted by most recent , so the summery url with the “/models” suffix.
Displaying this url in various places and linking people directly seems to make more sense for the time being.
I also noticed that some people that where not familiar with sketchfab assumed the models on my summery page where ALL my models so sharing the “xxxx/models” link eliminates instances of that too.
I know its not as good as being able to customize the summary page, but its a suggestion and one that’s been working for me at least.