Changes to PRO price plan - price increase and 20 private uploads/month


(Tonyelms) #1

just signed up to a monthly PRO plan @ $15 per month, it is now going up to $19 per month with a 20 private uploads limit.

Paying more for less ?

Why the price change ?! Need to pay double now ! from 34 to 80 euros!
PRO plan but without the ui elements that are hideable?


Our paid plans were introduced many, many years ago at those prices. Since then, we've made significant improvements to the platform and introduced many long-requested features: annotations, PBR shaders, animation, post-processing filters, sound, VR & AR support, and more.

We work hard to make the best possible product for everyone, and we are still very much committed to offering free use of Sketchfab to the entire 3D community.

However, both companies and individual creators are using Sketchfab as part of their work. Therefore, we recognized the need to review our plans and pricing to better reflect the value we bring to each of you.

We felt that this is the right thing to do in order to best serve our community, build a sustainable business, and keep providing the best service for everyone for years to come.

You can read the full announcement here:

(Cgmatt) #5


So the team and management just thought it would be great to change the plans and pricing !
I had a plan that was perfectly matching my needs, and you just made it impossible for me to keep up financially with the new premium plan, as it is doubling the price, it went from 34 to 80 euros ! I really was fond of this plan that nicely matched with my needs, being able to hide the inspector, some other menu items and not see the related content viewers. I'm an independent and this was ideal towards my clients.

There must be a bunch of other former pro users who will be upset about this. You should at least provide an intermediate plan between This is really a very bad marketing choice.

You should at least provide a intermediate plan between pro and premium and allow us to use the Hide embed controls & info with a 30 euros plan for exemple like before.

(Bart) #6

Hi Matt,

we merged your message into this topic. I understand it's frustrating, but we needed to adjust our prices to match the quality of our product; see the answer by James above.

(Cgmatt) #7


Why couldn't the hide ui elements option be added to the PRO plan ? Call it PRO without this functionality doesn't seem very PRO....this is a really important feature that is missing....

You should reevaluate the price for this plan, pass it to 25euros for exemple or at least provide a affordable plan for the freelancers who upload some work but not as many as PREMIUM and are in real need of the viewer without menu or UI inspector.

Please bring back such a plan and don't leave us out !

kind regards.

(Bart) #8

We learned that this feature is especially important for businesses who embed our viewer on their product sites. Freelancers mainly use PRO to be able to share private models with their clients and generally don't require the UI to be hidden.

(Cgmatt) #9

I do understand all this. But I can't understand why at least the ui inspector hide mode couldn't be included. This is what makes the viewer less pro. Only useful for game design where lead have to check out the mesh. Has no use for 80% of other users. Sketchfab was at first a portfolio viewer, but isn't anymore. It has many showcase uses now.
But really the ui inspector hide mode option should be made available even for PRO users.
Couldn't you make a special plan like for instance 25 or 30 euros like before but including this ?

I'm convinced I'm not an exceptional case and many other user might find this useful.

(Bart) #10

We don't plan to add another plan to our offering at this time, but we'll keep a close eye on the feedback.

(Jmch) #11

Hello Sketchfab,
I agree with previous posts.
These changes (less for more money) in Pro price plan is a bad news and a wrong direction to go.
I understand Sketchfab quality is increasing, but the member's contents also contributed to his reputation.
Pro plan is not only for commercial freelancers but is also a necessity if you want to upload quality content in photogrammetry.
Lack of real commercial competition is always unfavorable for the client.



Thanks for the feedback. It looks like you upload well below the 20 private models per month limit on your account, so there is no impact on your current use case and only a small increase in the price of the Pro plan.