CHanging model permissions

(Tawdry) #1

Just wondering if i download a model that has commercial use allowed but then later the permission is altered to exclude use am I still able to use it ? How would I prove, if needed ,that i downloaded the model when commercial use was granted?

Would it not just be my word against the poster of the model?

(Vlad) #2

Yes, this will be your word against the poster.
Sketchfab not marketplace for this moment.
If you care of this consult with a lawyer and receive written permission from author.

(Dark Minaz) #3

i assume there is a sort of log for those things (maybe) that could prove that you did download it before it was changed.

But in this sort of situation i would contact the person that made the model and maybe offer him somethig in return for using it commercial. Maybe he just set it to that by accident

(Vlad) #4

Lets imagine, you search in Google Creative Common images. Found image from StarWars movie that marked as Creative Common, and you thought that you can use it in your commercial project?

If you buy image at Stock library you can always ask any required documents from marketplace that you bought this image and have right use it inside rights allowed for this image. And if something will be wrong that will be dispute between you and marketplace. And later between marketplace and author.

I don't think you can receive any documents for lawyers about any rights from SketchFab for this moment.

Ehh, i hope you understand my idea :slight_smile:

(Tawdry) #5

I don't have an issue with anyone at the moment just wanted to raise this question as it could become an issue. Was just wondering if there are any safeguards in place be nice if a member of sketchfab could lend some insight.

(Bart) #6

Interesting point! We don't have a system in place to keep the 'history' of a model at this time, so if you want to be 100% sure it's best to contact the author, like suggested.

(Vlad) #7

I think, until Sketchfab not selling models and not intermediate agency. Sketchfab do not act as arbiter or can not used as proof in any conflict of interest. :wink: