Changing my existing standard account to pro

(H3m) #1

I found out about the education pro account benefits and wanted to upgrade my account but read that it can only happen when creating a new account and I don't want to create a new account. I've seen a few people on here asking the same thing and you where able to upgrade there accounts for them.


No problem. I just upgraded your account, enjoy!


(Hpeixot) #3


I study Digital Games in Positivo university and our Digital Art's teacher introduced sketchfab for the class. I love it. Is there a way to registry my university since we don't have an email from their domain?

City: Curitiba
Country: Brazil
Postal Code: 80420-000


We’ll just have to upgrade these accounts manually. Looks like you already received yours?

(Hpeixot) #5

Yes, my account has been upgraded. Thanks