Changing Static Pose

I uploaded this model of a gaming laptop with animation by default the static pose is the first frame of the animation, but that is not what I want. Is there a way to change the static pose?

The model opens automatically playing the animation “Complete open view” for me - is this not what you want?

You can set the initial camera position for the scene by hitting the ‘save view’ button:

When you hover your mouse on the thumbnail then it doesn’t show the opened view, does it?


The thumbnail will show what ever is in the viewer when you click ‘save view’ :+1:

Yes, I don’t have any issue with the thumbnail, but when you search my model and hover your mouse over it to check the model then I want the opened laptop to be visible not the closed laptop.

Basically, I want to change my static pose to some other pose, not the closed laptop pose.

Ah I think I understand - the preview turntable will always use the first frame of your animation.

You will need to reverse your animation loop to open > closed > open to see an open laptop in the preview :+1: