Changing Texture Image Scales In Situ

(Aaronopenshaw) #1

Hi Sketchfab,

A great feature would being able to change the scale of a model’s textures after the model is uploaded. Especially when changing texture images after a model is uploaded. To date I have found that when swapping textures in a model already uploaded I am restricted to the initial uploaded texture’s scale.

For instance I use Sketchfab to showcase different flooring products for my clients in my interior models, especially utilising VR and AR. It would be great to have one model with a number of different textures which I can interchange in situ with different scales as required.



(Hansolocambo) #2

In order to offer an experience up to the expectations of your customers : changing materials on the fly, adding or removing objects, etc : you’ll have to invest in a PRO account. Sketchfab offers an already more than great deal of features for free. Many more specific features have been brainstormed and are already implemented. But one has to understand that at some point, it’s logical to participate to the development. People coding this marvelous website have to feed their family and live somehow right ? :wink:


We hope to offer UV options such as scale/rotate/offset in the future.

You can also change textures “on the fly” using the viewer API.