Character/ Creature Artists + Animator cooperations?

(Simon Kratz) #1

Hey Sketchfab community!

I regularly have conversations with local animators, chatting about our work, workflows, portfolio and stuff. Sooner or later we always start a little talk about Sketchfab :smile:
Generally they all agree it's a great place to share their work and showcase their portfolio. But many of them also had problems to get a model they could animate.
Modeling is time consuming and they seem to want to focus more on adding motion to things that are already there. Since we have a lot of dedicated 3D character / creature artists here I'm curious if there's an interest in cooperations :smiley:
For myself I really see the value of such a cooperation. While adding lifeliness to the character the modeler created the animator will get a model to showcase their anination.
I imagine it would be fair to allow both parties to share the final work while giving credit to each other for their respective contribution.
Afaik most animators just need a t-posed model and add the rigging and minor topology changes by themselves.
I'm sure a proper cooperation can revalue a personal project and give more exposure as well as give more positive reactions and increase the chance for being featured or staffpicked on various cg art websites.
So ehat do you think about this? If there's enough positive response maybe we can create a proper place for these cooperations :smile:

(Bart) #2

That's an excellent idea, and we could definitely help support that! Let me know how I can help :smile:

(Yannick Deharo) #3

Hi ! has this idea found its way ?
(Sorry for the “Archeology” ^^)