Character making (WIP)

(Pavelnoskov) #1

Hi there, i'm not so long time i started learn 3d and it is my first personal project for training and for finding some pipeline.
As an 2d artist I started from 2d production concept art...i do not think so much about details or render here, and then, i just starting modeling

Another steps on the next time, i'll be glad if you have some comment about this. So, comments and critiques are welcome

(this unnecessary loops on spine i'm fix a little bit later)

(Johnson Martin) #2

Nice work! For being new to 3d, this is really good work.

Overall the topology looks good. But, you might want to try using this Blender script to relax some of the vertices, it will make the model appear much smoother:

(Pavelnoskov) #3

Thank you!
Hm, such a interesting, this seems working without deform shapes, thank you for linking this script, i'll be try to use it =)

(Pavelnoskov) #4

Let's update a little bit )

To begin, when model is ready(i think so), i just start modeling some details for baking normal maps later

And after a lot of time trying use sculpting mode, i did some result...huh

(Pavelnoskov) #5

Keep making high poly today

(Ndrakey) #6

I personally think that your way of modeling is way to sterile. I prefer a way of modeling that allows accidents to happen. some bulged out mesh in certain Areas maybe, where you could see something for further detailing. The Face Looks good, but it lacks Expression. That is the first Thing I would try to work on. A beautiful head makes me want to work on the model for a longer time, without losing interest. Just the things that Keep me motivated :D. Hope that helps you, as you just started with modeling.

(Krzysztof Zwolinski) #7

I agree with @ndrakey, leave this type of modeling to people that do not have art-soul ( like ME :wink: ), I see that you have talent as 2D, so stop making the mesh correct in first attempt!, it is pointless. You have to re model everything 3-5 times in that way.

Start with base mesh of character and sculpt everything this leave you more way of artistic freedom. After finishing sculpting you have to make one retopo low poly and bake textures.
Believe me this type of technical modeling is my domain almost 15 years and sometimes I change mesh flow 5-10 times before i'm happy with results.
technical modeling1
technical modeling2

(Pavelnoskov) #8

Yeah, i'm absolutely agree about face, i need work on it, it's face really looks a little bit stupid now))
After some experement with textures and normal map i understand i spend a lot of time on modeling, but this is just thing of experience, for finding some ways, i think so.

Thank you)

(Pavelnoskov) #9

Thank you!

I didn't decide yet what better for me to do first, modeling or sculpting, i start this model from base mesh and just do not publishing it because it's far away from true :smiley:

But, i did some like this before modeling, if i right understand, maybe its not so bad way, hmm i don't thinking about it yet, thanks

(Dark Minaz) #10

You seem to work like me, just go with it and start detailing when you see something :smiley:
Looks great so far, just keep it this way, you can retopo the whole thing in the end if you need to go lower again.
Just upload some wip stages to sketchfab, they help to give tipps on where to improve, way better than some images.

So far i would work a bit on the face, rest seems to be going in the right direction.

(Pavelnoskov) #11

Thank you dark_minaz, agree =)

(Pavelnoskov) #12

I'm keep sculpting, because it's just almost done. Then, i'm need to do somthing with face and make UV layout maybe

(Pavelnoskov) #13

Sculpting is finished, i did some changes on face, let's see, i want simply face i think. Huh, it's time for uv layout for baking this all and check the result

(Pavelnoskov) #14

Big update^_^
1)UV layout and baking Normals, AO textures.

2)Testing textures and a little fixing in photoshop, also i'm add some normal map fabric from google, seems looks better...i didn't expect so interesting result

3)Some fixes on face, and with normals looks ok

Hair is left...i can't wait to start making textures

(Ndrakey) #15

very beautiful! the lips make her look way more realistic now! Her rear part Looks good too :wink:
Is that "out of the bed look" on her hair intended?

Looks like a real OLGA now :smiley:

(Pavelnoskov) #16

Olga! lol :laughing:, but is good you compared, because on idea she should look seriously... and cute of course

Thanks you ndrakey

(Krzysztof Zwolinski) #17

Remember if you bake normal texture in blender bake them 2x bigger!! Blender has poor AA so if you bake the size you want you end up with bad looking normals :wink:.

(Pavelnoskov) #18

I'm baking 4k testures it's ok? (and later i can make smaller size in photoshop, if i need smaller)

(Krzysztof Zwolinski) #19

If final texture resolution is 2048 baking 4096x4096 is Ok.

(Pavelnoskov) #20

I got it, thanks )