Character making (WIP)

(Dark Minaz) #10

You seem to work like me, just go with it and start detailing when you see something :smiley:
Looks great so far, just keep it this way, you can retopo the whole thing in the end if you need to go lower again.
Just upload some wip stages to sketchfab, they help to give tipps on where to improve, way better than some images.

So far i would work a bit on the face, rest seems to be going in the right direction.

(Pavelnoskov) #11

Thank you dark_minaz, agree =)

(Pavelnoskov) #12

I'm keep sculpting, because it's just almost done. Then, i'm need to do somthing with face and make UV layout maybe

(Pavelnoskov) #13

Sculpting is finished, i did some changes on face, let's see, i want simply face i think. Huh, it's time for uv layout for baking this all and check the result

(Pavelnoskov) #14

Big update^_^
1)UV layout and baking Normals, AO textures.

2)Testing textures and a little fixing in photoshop, also i'm add some normal map fabric from google, seems looks better...i didn't expect so interesting result

3)Some fixes on face, and with normals looks ok

Hair is left...i can't wait to start making textures

(Ndrakey) #15

very beautiful! the lips make her look way more realistic now! Her rear part Looks good too :wink:
Is that "out of the bed look" on her hair intended?

Looks like a real OLGA now :smiley:

(Pavelnoskov) #16

Olga! lol :laughing:, but is good you compared, because on idea she should look seriously... and cute of course

Thanks you ndrakey

(Krzysztof Zwolinski) #17

Remember if you bake normal texture in blender bake them 2x bigger!! Blender has poor AA so if you bake the size you want you end up with bad looking normals :wink:.

(Pavelnoskov) #18

I'm baking 4k testures it's ok? (and later i can make smaller size in photoshop, if i need smaller)

(Krzysztof Zwolinski) #19

If final texture resolution is 2048 baking 4096x4096 is Ok.

(Pavelnoskov) #20

I got it, thanks )

(Pavelnoskov) #21

Making textures...slowly, as you can see (idk how to upload model in to forum for preview) Something like that now

(Pavelnoskov) #22

I continue to texturing. Also, I decided to make two weapons to amplify "kickass" looks of character. Texturing is almost completed, specular map is left and i think it's be enough.

For the next step, soon i plan rigging this character and make some pose maybe

The prototype for this model is based on a FAMAS rifle, a little bit modifed, base references from photo)

(Ndrakey) #23

this has come a long way! looking great!

(Pavelnoskov) #24

Thank you! A little longer than i expected, but hope it's ok , and i learn a lot doing this all.

(Pavelnoskov) #25

Character is fully rigged, textured etc, coming soon on sketchfab!
I make some cloth simulation, i think it's looks interesting

(Pavelnoskov) #26

Let's Rock!

Sci Fi Girl by pavelnoskov on Sketchfab

Final render maded in Cycles posted on ArtStation

Totally 20,124 tris
More info

(Dark Minaz) #27

hard to believe that this is your first.
Great work, looks really similar to your concept, what i think was the plan. The backpack looks a bit different from what i hoped to see, but the cape hides that part rather well.

(Krzysztof Zwolinski) #28

Agree model and the painting is great but I prefer the shadeless mode.
Maybe the count and the lack of scale of the textures, and island packing is bugging me, but model looks fine.
About design for me head looks like squash, the distance between tip and the beard is too big and the ear should be between mouth and eye lines. And this one "ear rule" is not broken almost never, even in a crazy manga, or comic monsters;)

(Pavelnoskov) #29

Thank you, this is actually right. Maybe, it's my mistake but i don't check so thorough proportions if it looks fine for me, but yeah, this is bad way for realistic things or characters.