Character Work in Progress


(Devin Spencer) #1

Hey! It's my first post on the forums here and I would like some feedback on a model I am still working on. The model is only about 25% complete as it is missing the arms, legs and helmet models, but I would like some feedback on what has been done overall.

The character is a Dominion of Colonial Fidelity (DCF) Overwatch operator. They function in a way similar to Navy Seals or SAS soldiers. Each Overwatch operator is required to undergo augmentation of their body and mind. They augmentation of choice for their body determines what role they will receive within the ranks of the DCF.

The Overwatch's armor features a small plasma reactor that turns water into fuel for the pulse engines that make up the back of the Overwatch Assault harness. It features two inches of solid aluminum on top of a ballistic harness providing protection from most small arms fire. The undersuit is made of a carbon nano-weave, allowing for flexibility and additional protection from small arms fire.

Some info about the model:
--Currently uses 2 4K texture sets (Base Color, Metallic, Roughness, Normal, AO, Cavity, Emissive)
-This will eventually be put into a single 8K texture for both the male and female variations

--12.8K Triangles Overall
-3078 Polys in the chest
-5352 Polys in the body

--Modeled in Blender
--Textured in Substance and Photoshop

Any comments, thoughts or suggestions on the design or edge flow or any other areas of concern would be highly appreciated!

(Dark Minaz) #2

The chest thing looks slightly to big and would probably be in the way of many actions during fights.
So a bit more of a mercy approach would help there i think.

most of it looks pretty nice, but seems very restrictive in movement, especially the legs, most armors got unprotected parts to allow more flexibility. So id work on the knee area.

back part looks great.

Elbow needs some protection, in close combat that is one of the most important parts to defend, getting a knife wound in there would be bad :slight_smile:

I like the glove design

Most of your modeling is pretty good, i don't see any really unneeded parts
A bit weird that some parts are triangulated and some are not.

Also why do you have so much geo under it?

A few extra tipps when you plan on going to do it "overwatch" style
1. create a separte texture for the decals, that increases their quality and lowers the overall needed texture size (2x 4k is a bit overkill, especially since you reuse some of the decals)
2. if you plan to animate this you might need to cut it in the legs into mutliple pieces.

(Nomadking) #3

Nice model so far, and I agree with most of the points that @dark_minaz makes.

However, when it comes to the chest part, it's not necessarily that the front is too big, but too big compared to the rest of the armor. So really you could go either way - scale the chest down like Dark suggested, or scale up the other plating to get a more consistent feel. All depends what you want the end look to be :wink:

(Devin Spencer) #4

@dark_minaz Thanks for the feedback! I'll definitely take a look into redoing the knees to give them more flexibility, I was kind of going for what looked cool instead of practical. As for the excess geometry under the chest, I have a lot of geometry under the chest piece because it is actually two separate models the undersuit and the armor pieces will go over this.

As for the triangulation, the base model was triangulated because it would not go into Xnormal because of a ngon (which I could not find). The chest has a few triangulated areas to help with the contour and smoothing for normals. My workflow is actually working at the game or production resolution, keeping the areas where high detail would be needed in mind then bumping the resolution up with sub-division and creases, then painting on any fine details.

When you say I would need to cut the leg into multiple parts, I don't understand. Could you elaborate for me?

@nomadking The chest does look big when I compare it to the rest of the armor but the model is missing the legs and arms and helmet as well. I wanted to go a modular approach so I can make iterations/variations of the armor and not have to remodel the entire thing.

Again, thanks for the feedback it means a lot!

(Nomadking) #5

Makes sense. Looking forward to seeing where you go with the rest of it :slight_smile:

(Pandan) #6

Just wanted to say that I really like this! 10/10 :stuck_out_tongue:

My only gripe is that the chest armor is very big.

(Dark Minaz) #7

sure, you see that blue metal bit there, well if you plan to rig this and animate it it needs to be separate or it won't move. Or rather if you would bind this to a rig and move it it would bend the metal.
What couldn't work logically.
so i think making a solid cut there to give it that ability would help :slight_smile:

Ah so part was from an already done model, alright that makes sense then.