Characterdesign_ crazy wizard guy[WIP]

Hello everyone :wink: ! I thought I’d share my newest creation on this forum. I’ve been on sketchfab for some time, but never made a post in this forum, so this is a first.
This is the current state of my character:

Crazy Wizard_ WIP by TheLastAirblender on Sketchfab

I’ve decided to go with the name Gregory, since I think it suits him, but I’m open to suggestions.
I’ve modeled him with blender 2.79, but started texturizing him in the new blender 2.8 beta, since you can see your texture without having to always switch to rendermode. you can read more about the characterprocess on my Deviantart account: .

I plan on doing an entire series with my OC Serena and he is gonna be some kind of crazy like teacher( in a good way, not baddie). For those who don’t know her yet here is the image:

Witchchan-Frenemies by TheLastAirblender on Sketchfab

Any kind of constructive critisicm is definitely welcome, please bombard me with any feedback!

Also, this may not be the right section, but still. It’s the first time I’ve uploaded a rigged character and faced some issues. I was able to fix most of them by un- and reparenting, fixing weightpaint, but still, there is some issue with a weird meshdeform on the wrist and bottom part. While it works in Blender 2.8 perfectly fine, it appears somewhat buggy here. Is this an issue with the fileformat, or something else? thanks for response

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