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Chatting with sketchfab developers

(Deuschanz) #1

Hi, I was just wondering if there is any way I could chat with some of the moderators of Sketchfab? I have specific problems not mentioned in the articles.

Additionally, does sketchfab have an official discord server I can join? If not it would be great if they did have one.



You can always reach out to us here to discuss more specific problems:

We don’t have a discord server.

(Deuschanz) #3

Good to know, though wouldn’t it be better if Sketchfab had an official discord server? Various FAQs and issues could be easily and quickly addressed with higher detail of accuracy with real-time chatting instead of rigid system forums, roles and bots could be made to address spam and other things/ additionally it would be easier and more interactive to have multiple different channels for different events and stuff (take a look at how blender’s discord does it)

The forums are somewhat helpful with the powerful CSS editor, though it’s just my 2 cents, but you can further expand on sketchfab’s community base with a proper functioning discord server, it also adds the benefit of people actually utilizing sketchfab as a platform for their 3D solutions while harnessing discords’s powerful channels to build a community of knowledgeable people using the sketchfab platform / while also lightening the load on the forums and moderators.

Furthermore, there is a bot called “Titan Embeds” which allow you to embed a discord server onto the sketchfab forums since a CSS editor does exist.

Just my 2 cents.